World History

World History (1800 to the Present)

Course Overview:

In this course students will study the history of European growth and development, European interaction with Africa and Asia and American intervention in world affairs from 1800 to the present with studies of the political, economic, social, religious, cultural and technological developments within nations throughout the eras.

Major topics include:
  • The causes, course and consequences of the Industrial Revolution
  • The rise of unions and socialism in Europe•African and South/Central American
  • economic and political developments in the 19th and 20th centuries
  • The causes, course and consequences of World Wars I & II
  • The rise and the goals of totalitarian states
  • The establishment of the United Nations
  • The Cold War Era1945-1989
  • Nationalist movements in Africa, Asia South/Central America and the Middle East
  • The decline and fall of the Soviet Union•The causes and consequences of the fall of apartheid
  • The rise of Islamic fundamentalism
  • The causes, course and consequences of recent international events
Required Student Product/Exams:
  • History Notebook (daily class notes, summaries, reflections, personal responses, responses to open-response question, other assignments)
  • Portfolio – In depth Research Project (research log, research paper and class presentation)
  • Class Participation (daily contribution to class discussions and activities in a consistent and meaningful manner is expected of every student)
  • Exams (periodic exams will be administered to test student comprehension of course material)
Test and Quizzes:25%
Homework and classwork:25%