Recovery Programming

Students enrolled at William J. Ostiguy high school have already established their motivation to maintain their sobriety. In turn, OHS is committed to supporting students in through their recovery process in a variety of ways:

  • Individual Counseling: Upon enrollment at OHS, each student works in collaboration with the school’s Recovery Counselor to develop his or her own individualized recovery plan. The Recovery Counselor, a licensed substance abuse mental health professional, meets regularly with the students to monitor and provide counseling regarding their recovery.
  • Recovery Groups: All OHS students participate in two Recovery focused groups per week. During these groups students have the opportunity to reflect on their experiences in recovery. In addition, they receive information on various psycho-educational aspects of addiction as well as exposure to the concepts of the 12 Step Program.
  • Student-Run Self-Help Meeting: Every week all OHS students participate in a student run self-help meeting. This meeting follows the AA speaker meeting format and is intended to give students additional exposure to various self-help programs and the 12-step model.
  • Random Drug Testing: In order to ensure that Ostiguy High School remains a safe and sober environment, students are required to submit to random drug testing on a weekly basis.
  • Peer Culture: Ostiguy High School incorporates a strong peer culture in which all students identify as having an addiction and commit to supporting their fellow students as they face the challenges associated with early recovery.