US History II

U.S. History II (1877 to the Present)

Course Overview:

In this course student will study the geography and history of the United States from1877 to the present with studies of the political, economic, social and cultural developments of the nation throughout the eras.

Major topics include:
  • The causes and consequences of immigration
  • The causes, course and growth of America in world affairs 1861-1914
  • The origins, accomplishments and failures of Progressivism
  • Post-Civil War struggles of African Americans and women to gain civil rights
  • The causes and consequences of the Great Depression
  • American isolationism after World War I and impact on foreign policy
  • The Cold War and the policy of Containment
  • The causes, course and consequences of the Vietnam War
  • The Civil Rights Movement and the Women’s Rights Movement
  • The Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon Administrations
  • The North American Free Trade Agreement
  • The causes, course and consequences of recent American diplomatic initiatives
Required Student Product/Exams:
  • History Notebook (daily class notes, summaries, reflections, personal responses, responses to open-response question, other assignments)
  • Portfolio – In depth Research Project (research log, research paper and class presentation)
  • Class Participation (daily contribution to class discussions and activities in a consistent and meaningful manner is expected of every student)
  • Exams (periodic exams will be administered to test student comprehension of course material)
Test and Quizzes:25%
Homework and classwork:25%