Participation Requirements

Ostiguy High School Requirements for Participation

Ostiguy High School (OHS) is a learning environment. All students must demonstrate commitment to both education and sobriety. In order to enroll at Ostiguy High School, all prospective students must be clean and sober for at least 30 days and must be able to provide documentation of their sobriety.

Student Participation

Students are required to be clean and sober while attending Ostiguy High School. Upon entrance to the school, each student will work with the OHS Recovery Counselor to develop an individualized Recovery Plan. In the event of relapse, the Recovery Plan will be revised to provide increased support for the student.

Students must be willing to participate fully in the recovery programming offered at OHS. Attendance and participation at all in-school recovery activities is required. Attendance at 2 AA/NA meetings (or equivalent outside activity) per week is also required.

Average good health is required of all applicants. Ostiguy High School is handicap accessible. We will make reasonable accommodations for anyone with a disability. Personal care attendants will be required to follow the policies of Ostiguy High School.