Is Ostiguy Right for Me?

William J. Ostiguy High School provides a safe and supportive school environment for youth who have committed to making a change in their relationship to drugs and alcohol.

Enrollment Requirements

  • Youth ages 14 – 21
  • Motivated to earn high school diploma
  • Willing to develop a plan to address substance use

Participation Requirements

Ostiguy High School Requirements for Participation

Ostiguy High School (OHS) is a learning environment. All students must demonstrate commitment to their education, as well as identifying the changes they are willing to make as it relates to drugs and alcohol. While the objectives of academic competency and progress toward high school graduation are a primary focus, there is an equal commitment to a comprehensive health and wellness program that includes an individualized contract with the youth, commitment to addressing the impact of drugs and alcohol, random drug testing,linkage with a behavioral health clinicians when necessary, family support, and comprehensive care management and resource coordination.

Upon entrance to the school, each student will work with the OHS Recovery Counselor to develop an individualized Plan to support their substance use goals as well as their overall health and wellness. Students must be willing to participate fully in the drug and alcohol programming offered at OHS. Attendance and participation at all in-school substance use activities is required.

Group of Students