English: The Reading and Writing Apprenticeship (I and II)

Unit 1: Reading Self and Society

Course Overview:

In this course, students will become “apprentices” in the study of reading and writing. Unit one focuses on the practice of reading. Although students will practice the art of writing daily, our focus in the classroom during this unit will be on the fundamental practice of reading. We will pose and explore the following essential questions: What is reading? What do proficient readers do when they read? What are my characteristics as a reader? What strategies do I use as I read? What role does reading serve in people’s personal and public lives? What role will reading play in my future educational and career goals? What goals can I set and work toward to help myself develop as a reader? Through guided in-class reading exercises, silent “free-choice” reading sessions, and out-of-school reading assignments, students will work to develop their philosophy and practice of reading. [Unit two (second semester) will focus on a “writing apprenticeship.”]

Reading Apprenticeship:

The reading apprenticeship will involve daily group/class exercises as well as an independent reading project in which you will:

  • Select your own book and set appropriate weekly reading goals
  • Read 20-25 minutes every day
  • Complete a minimum of 150 pages a month (preferably completing entire books)
  • Maintain a Reflective Reading Log
  • Write Reflective letters about reading to teacher
  • Design a project/presentation about book(s)
Class Participation:

Class participation is the most important and valued part of your grade. Active participation means that you attend class everyday, arrive at your seat prepared to work (binder, pencil, book), and engage with those around you in a respectful and positive manner. Your ability as a reader does not determine your grade in this course: a willingness to put forth your best effort is the key to success.


Reading for Understanding. Schoenbach, Greenleaf, Cziko, Hurwitz.

Independent Reading Apprenticeship:50%
Class Participation:40%